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GoDaddy NameServer not registered


Recently, I moved over to a new host with a dedicated box and I had to setup the nameservers for my domain In Godaddy’s domain manager, I tried to change the nameservers to my domain like and, but got an error that “Nameserver not registered“. This was puzzling as I had setup the slaves dns entries on my server correctly but Godaddy complained that “Nameserver not registered”.

Then I found that in the lower left corner, there’s a box with “Host Summary”. You have to add your nameservers entry in that box first. So click on “Add” besides “Host Summary” and it will present you another dialog where you can enter your subdomain and the ip address to point to your server. Once you have added your nameservers in Host Summary, then you can click on “Manage” besides “NameServers” and add your nameservers and there and Godaddy will happily accept it!!

Hope this saves you your time and help you avoid pulling your hair!!! šŸ™‚

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  • Anonymous

    Well, did you try to click on u201cAddu201d besides u201cHost Summaryu201d ? Did it present you a dialog box?

  • David

    This helped, thank you for saving my hair.

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    thank’s you made my day!

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    Thanks thanks thanks šŸ˜€ worked like a charm

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    Excellent tip! Thanks!

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    thanks it help me.

  • feijo

    bah, I added my new 2 NS addresses at the same spot, in Host Summary

    after 3 days, nothing… godaddy still say ‘nameserver not registered’

    and their support ticket system log me off every time I try to open the New Ticket page!!! What a joke šŸ™

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    Weeeeeeeeee….. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks, This saved me a lot of time.
    Have a great Day!

  • Karl

    Great, thanks a lot, I just couldn’t figure out what was missing when trying to assign nameservers.

  • GoDaddy Hater

    I had the same issue. This worked for me:

    I have two domains: and I wanted to have use the server as its nameserver. To do this and not get the error:

    – Edit the zone file for
    – Create a new record in the NS area, adding as a reference to to
    – You can now ‘set nameserver’ to, which effectively uses

    That’s the dance!

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    thanks very helpful.

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    Cheers. Godddy help isn’t the best.

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    thanks,Ā thanks,Ā thanks,Ā thanks, gracias, gracias !!!

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  • Arigarj

    I was searching all over the internet for this information! GoDaddy sucks! Anyway, I added the subdomain and the IP, but still receiving “Nameserver not registered”! Do I have to wait more time and then add the nameservers again, or did I type something wrong at the subdomain? (Is there a specific sudbomain name for the nameserver to work?)

  • Notifiedme

    Very help.. Thanks ya.. šŸ™‚

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    you are a great man.

  • klancy kennedy

    ā€œNameserver not registeredā€œ – What a useless error message from godaddy. Today, I decided that I am going to stop using them, and stop recommending them. Their website is a WALL of marketing, instead of a useful domain name management system like it used to be. They have destroyed their own business.

  • james

    I had the same problem and called support. HERE is what is needed.
    under DOMAIN DETAILS Go to HOSTING SUMMERY (Bottom left of page)
    Click ADD
    I entered NS1 for Host name
    then I entered the IP for ns1 under host IP
    THEN you have to ADD a SECOND record this I enetered
    NS2 for Host Name and then its IP under host IP

    I guess the trick here is entering 2 records. Hope this helps because it worked for me.

  • Wumanex

    Thanks solve my problem.

  • Brandon Hollenbeck

    Thanks, godaddy is absolute crap.

  • Confused

    Can someone explain if you have several domains you want to point to a nameserver how this works?

    if you have ns1.domain.comĀ  and as your servers

    and you have two sites and

    How do you add the name servers toĀ 

    GoDaddy HaterĀ talked about it below but I don’t get it.Ā 

  • Sv

    I too could use help with this scenario.Ā 

  • Ketan Patel

    Several domains can point to same nameserver. But that DNS nameserver must have all the domains configured properly. This DNS server can be on your own dedicated server or your hosting providers server. Its entirely upto you, how you want to set it up.

  • Not Confused Any More

    Actually I worked it out.

    You just go to any domain, add the custom name servers to the Host Summary.Ā Ā  You will get a message saying it could take 48 hours.Ā  You will also get an email saying same thing. Even though they are added they don’t actually display.Ā  But if you try and add them again you will get a message saying they already exist.

    Then you just add them Ā as theĀ DNS for any domains you want.

    Takes a little longer to see the changes come thru but it works.

  • Confused

    I replied above

  • Cupry

    10x … usefull info..

    p.s godaddy suck’s big time

  • Brotocol

    Oh My Goodness. What an interface failure! GoDaddy’s user interface is horrendous.


  • BizXTech

    I think that a small detail needs to be clarified. I have a reseller account at a different company and my domain name is and I have zone entries for custom nameservers and these will never work as nameservers on godaddy for a domainĀ registeredĀ there for instance
    You have to follow these directions add and in the host summary with the ip addresses of the nameservers you want to use.
    Then you can set your nameservers to and but and will not work.
    That’s how I got it to work, anybody else have a better solution to this nameserver validation failure with the error message “nameserver not registered”?

  • Shaiby



    if you have ns1.yourbox.ext and ns2.yourbox.ext and they both dont return any errors at if your name servers are directed properly then in your other sites domain manager you set your name servers to the ones you have created your box must have dns entries for the domains you want to host once the domains are pointed to it, this is so that it can redirect your users to the right place on your servers if your using something like cPanel on your server then creating dns entries will be a breeze it usually creates your SOA records NS CNAME and A/AAAA Records for you when you setup domains but unless its a windows box then cPanel will be pretty costly if you want a full license

  • Markus

    Thanks for the info.

    Just added new nameservers sucesfully. Used James procedure with NS1 and NS2 records.

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    Thanks a lot! I was puzzled too.Ā 

  • Oliveira

    Thank you very much. jessedeoliveira.comĀ 

  • Anthony L

    I also found that GoDaddy’s mobile app (for android) allows you to change the DNS servers without throwing the “Nameserver not registered” errors.

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    This did the trick for me, thanks so much for posting it.

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    I am really happy after finding solution of this problem, godaddy’s representative just dumbos and can’t understand my issue. thankyou šŸ™‚

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    THANKS!! i lost minimum half of hour on this stupid interface….