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Error encountered while installing Microsoft Office


If you encounter an error while installing Microsoft Office, then you need to do the following steps to resolve it. From an administrator account, do the following:

  1. start -> run -> Type “msconfig” -> click on ok
  2. Check the box selective startup
  3. Under selective start up uncheck the 1,2 and the 4 options
  4. Click on the services tab
  5. Check hide all microsoft services
  6. Click on disable all
  7. Click on apply and ok
  8. When asked, restart the computer
  9. Wait for restart to complete and then log on to administrator account
  10. Start -> Run -> Type “msiexec.exe /unregister” ->  click on ok
  11. Start -> run -> Type “msiexec.exe /regserver” -> click on ok
  12. Now insert the disc and install the office software

Hope this helps you in case if you encountered an error while installing Microsoft office.