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PS3 Internet Connection Issues 80130182


I bought a PS3 and boy, I love it no doubt. However, I was having problem with my PS3 Internet Connection. I was using Wifi on PS3 to connect to the internet. The PS3 would connect to internet and then drop the connection intermittently, even though the wifi signal was 100%. WIFI would work fine on other laptops and PCs in network, just PS3 had issues.

I was annoyed with this and reluctantly decided to return the PS3. But then thought, let me call the support, so I called PS3 support centre and the guy suggested several things. Of that he suggested to turn off the WEP encryption on the WIFI network. Once I disabled the WEP encryption, the internet connection on PS3 was rock-solid. No drop in connection any longer. But this can’t be a permanent solution I mentioned to support guy. He said that its not a problem with PS3, its something with your router. I wasn’t satisfied with that answer, but still thanked him as I got the internet working on PS3.

After that I reset my router to use WEP 64 bit encryption. I set up the PS3 to use the WIFI again but this time using the 64-bit WEP encryption. Eureka… it worked. No issues. Then I set the router to use WEP 128-bit encryption. The problem came back on PS3. So conclusion of the story, use WEP 64-bit encryption on your router and PS3 to avoid the 80130182 issue.

Hope that helped you…